Rewards Program

RocketFuel is revolutionizing loyalty rewards programs. Our program allows shoppers to earn points and receive rewards that are redeemable at any participating retailer, and merchants can use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to enhance their experience. Points can be redeemed for goods, cryptocurrency or fiat currency – both in the physical world and the Metaverse. With our cutting-edge rewards program, you can elevate your customer's shopping experience and maximize customer retention. Join us today!
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Shoppers earn points at all participating stores using RocketFuel's rewards program

Merchants can use NFTs to enhance the shopper’s loyalty experience.

Shoppers redeem points for more products.

Merchants can market their services & products to all the customers.

Shoppers can use their points with all merchants participating in the rewards program.

Merchants can promote their products in real-world stores, or virtually in the Metaverse – reaching an entirely new audience.

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