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By using RocketFuel, businesses are able to increase revenues and attract new customers. Our innovative payment solution is designed to provide reliable and secure transactions while also driving lower fees than traditional methods, allowing you to maximize your growth and profitability. With our intuitive platform and feature-rich dashboards, businesses of all sizes can benefit from a smooth, risk-free payment experience.

RocketFuel provides merchants with an all-in-one payment solution to receive crypto payments both in-store and online, manage B2B cross border payments, create invoices for larger transactions and send payouts to vendors, freelancers, and employees around the world in crypto and fiat. Our platform is designed for speed, security, and reliability – and we trust that every transaction will be safe and seamless. Low and high-risk merchants are welcome to participate.

Merchants can now offer Bitcoin and 160 other leading cryptocurrencies for all types of payments, enabling them to take advantage of the advances in blockchain technology to simplify and optimize their payment processes. By leveraging this powerful new form of digital money, businesses can unlock more efficient transactional capabilities while protecting themselves and their customers with enhanced security measures.

Payments made in crypto are instantly converted to fiat and settled the next business day directly to the merchant’s bank account. Additional benefits include no chargebacks and RocketFuel takes on any price volatility risk not the merchant. In addition, our easy-to-integrate technology can be seamlessly added via plug-ins with many shopping cart applications or direct to via API’s.

Accept payments in more than 160 cryptocurrencies

Why Use RocketFuel

Low Transaction Fees

The lowest in the industry. Save on Fees.

Easy Refunds

Approve shopper refund requests through our advanced merchant dashboard at no additional fees.

No Crypto Volatility Risk

Crypto volatility never affects settlements. Merchants always get $100 for their $100 product.

No Chargebacks or Declines

Eliminate chargebacks. Enjoy frictionless sales and no fraud or ID theft.

User-Friendly Payment Interface

1-Click checkout with no redirects.

APIs, SDKs, and Plugins for Easy Integration

Merchants and partners alike can easily implement RocketFuel into a shopping cart, website, or software application.

Support for Crypto and Bank Transfers

We Support 160+ cryptocurrencies though several popular wallets and exchanges as well as bank transfers.

Feature-Rich Merchant Dashboard

Manage your funds, send invoices and track customer payments; all in one easy interface.

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