B2B Cross Border Payments

Moving large sums of money between countries has always presented its share of challenges. RocketFuel now offers businesses a cost-effective and efficient solution using Stablecoins to move funds thus saving time and lowering expenses.

Rocketfuel supports over 190 countries with payouts and settlement to local banks via fiat or to a variety of digital wallets with crypto currencies. Rocketfuel utilizes its Virtual Asset Provider License (VASP) combined with local Money Service Business (MSB) license of its partners to compliantly provide payment services with its Exchange in different regions of the world.

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Instant bank and ACH payments for fast and easy transactions.

3-day settlement timeframes for ACH transfers.

Instant bank verification via Plaid for customers.

Support for the majority top U.S. banks.

No micro deposits/no hassle.

Manual account addition and verification for non-supported banks via Dwolla.

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