Payment Service Providers (PSPs)

RocketFuel is proud to work with Payment Solution Providers (PSPs) around the globe to offer their merchants the flexibility to accept Bitcoin and other Crypto payments. Partners have a large financial incentive to add merchants onto the RocketFuel payment platform as they will earn a commission on every Crypto transaction. RocketFuel’s crypto payment solution is also available as a white-label technology, allowing partners to add it to their payment gateway and operate it under their own brand.

RocketFuel will reduce operational stress by settling directly with your merchants the next business day in either Fiat or Crypto. Partners can add merchants to any of our existing payment solutions, most merchants sign up for more than one solution

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Partner Dashboard

RocketFuel’s works with PSPs around the world that make it possible for businesses to accept all types of traditional payments including debit and credit card, online, cash cards and other methods. By joining efforts with these PSPs, multiple merchants have access to volatility-proof crypto payments and bank transfers. Our partners, in return, make a commission on every transaction.

RocketFuel’s partner dashboard provides transparency for merchants’ purchases, analyzes total transaction volume and data across these businesses, and offers the partner the revenue share generated from the merchants.

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Provide payment gateways or merchant bank accounts for other businesses.

Create websites or web applications that require payment procesing solutions.

Build new technology that would benefit from accepting cryptocurrency

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RocketFuel’s partners are forward-thinking PSPs and organizations who enable technology for clients looking to integrate bank transfers and cryptocurrency into their existing payment processing solution. You're a good fit if you:


RocketFuel absorbs the risk out of crypto payments, for partners and their clients.
Earn Commission

Earn commission on every sale through RocketFuel gateways you deploy.

Expand Your Offering

Expand your offerings with the most advanced payment technology.

Reliable Solution

Offer a reliable solution for the unique payment needs of your clients.

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