Shoppers Benefits

Shoppers have the option to pay merchants with Bitcoin and 160+ cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Dogecoin, Ripple, Sol, Avax, Ada and among others. They can pay using their crypto exchange account or a crypto wallet. With an easy 1-click checkout experience, shoppers can pay for their items from within the merchant website and do not have to deal with redirects.
1-Click Checkout

Simply the easiest way to shop with crypto & bank transfers.

Sign Up Once, Shop Anywhere

Eliminate multiple accounts, login details, passwords and usernames.

Shop Worldwide

Buy from store in China.
Buy from store in Egypt.
No declines, no buying restrictions.

No Money Stored

The app is not an e-wallet and funds are not administratively held.

Data Protection

Personal data protected. Zero exposure to spending authority.


All smartphones supported.

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